DocAid Telehealth is committed to transform healthcare by allowing patients to connect with physicians from anywhere. Our proven, user-friendly Telephone/video platform replace brick and mortar office workflows into an interactive online environment, helping 24/7 patient engagement and practice management.

DocAid on demand plans to grow healthcare services with no exception. Save patients time and hassle by reducing waiting room time and eliminating travel time.

Offer 24/7 office hours and transition acute care phone calls to video visits during peak call times as an added service that benefits both patients and physician bottom line.

Scheduled or on demand live tele/video visits
Patient intake with health questionnaire
Credit/HSA/FSA card processing
Patient visit summary
DocAid Health integration for remote monitoring
24/7 provider and patient customer service

Highlights of our Services

Urinary Tract Infections
Upper Respiratory Infections
Asthma check-ups
Diabetes follow-ups
Remote monitoring
Review lab results
Medication management
Observation of patient in home environment
Nutrition counseling
Pre- and post-op consults

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